Two-in-one new light guide plate
Time:2021-05-25 Keywords:yeguan Views:273
The new type of high-performance lighting light guide plate, the product using this new type of light guide plate, can not use the diffuser, and this new type of light guide plate material is thinner than the traditional lighting light guide plate, not only shortens the process flow, but also reduces the cost.
The light guide plate (light guide plate) uses optical grade acrylic/PC sheet, and then uses high-tech materials with extremely high reflectivity and non-light absorption, and uses UV screen printing technology to print the light guide dots on the bottom surface of the optical grade acrylic sheet .
Using the optical grade acrylic plate, the light is totally reflected inside the light guide plate. When the light hits each light guide point, the total reflection condition is broken, and the reflected light will spread to all angles and be emitted from the front of the light guide plate. The light guide plate can emit light evenly through a variety of dense and different light guide points.
The new two-in-one light guide plate adopts highly transparent acrylic resin sheet and makes full use of the original disc production technology to form a fine pattern in micron units suitable for LED lighting.
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