The company has a complete talent reserve plan. On the one hand, through the establishment of a talent reserve database, the company establishes a talent reserve database for the main posts in case of urgent need of personnel; On the other hand, it can promote the growth of talents through planned training and job rotation within the enterprise. At present, the following indicators have been achieved
1In terms of employee turnover, the company has changed from passive to active and controlled the employee turnover rate within 10%.
2There are 3-5 reserve talents for key technical or management positions; For non critical positions, there are ways to recruit suitable personnel in time when necessary.
3Improve the timeliness and effectiveness of staff training.
4The staff's sense of competence and loyalty are improved.
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The development of Suzhou Yiguan is closely connected with its corporate culture, where you can feel the excellent team, the spirit of struggle, good vocational training and promotion, advanced management concepts, etc
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